Donostia-San Sebastián, May 26-30, 2019 | Kursaal Auditorium

Donostia-San Sebastián
May 26-30, 2019
Kursaal Auditorium


Specialized Groups (GE) and Territorial Sections (ST) of the RSEQ offer grants mainly aimed for doctoral students so as to totally or partially cover the registration fee or the travel expenses. To apply for one of these grants, listed below, you must present an oral contribution or poster at the conference and, where appropriate, be member of the GEs.

GRANTS offered:

ADS: GE-Adsorción offers 5 complete registrations
CAL: GE-Calorimetría y Análisis Térmico offers 1 complete registration
DHFQ: GE-Didáctica e Historia de la Física y la Química offers 3 complete registrations 1
FAM: GE-Física Atómica y Molecular offers travel bags
FOT: GE-Fotoquímica offers 8 partial registrations (105€/each)
HIC: GE-Hidratos de Carbono offers 15 complete registrations 4
HCI: GE-Historia de la Ciencia offers 20 partial registrations (75€/each) 2
GIQ: GE-Ingeniería Química offers 5 complete registrations
JIQ: GE-Jóvenes Investigadores Químicos offers 10 complete registrations (or 20 partials) 3
MAM: GE-Nanociencia y Materiales Moleculares offers partial registrations
GQB: GE-Química Biológica offers 10 complete registrations5
GEQC: GE-Química y Computación offers 5 complete inscriptions
QES: GE-Química del Estado Sólido offers between 8 and 10 complete registrations
QIN: GE-Química Inorgánica offers 10 complete registrations
GEQOR: GE-Química Orgánica offers full registration to all applicants
GEQO: GE-Química Organometálica offers 50 partial inscriptions (100€/each)
QPN: GE-Química Productos Naturales offers 6 complete registrations
RMN: GE-Resonancia Magnética Nuclear offers 10 complete registrations
STVAL: ST de Valencia offers 24 complete registrations
STCLM: ST de Castilla – La Mancha offers 8 partial registrations (100€/each)
STGAL: ST de Galicia offers 15 travel bags (150€/each)

(1) Open to any member
(2) Open to any member, priority being given to young members and Secondary Education teachers
(3) Call already resolved
(4) Recent doctors (2017-2018) will also be eligible for grants.
(5) Open to Doctorates and postdoc up to 2 years


When filling in the registration form, grant applicants must:

  • Attach proof of student status where necessary (download template).
  • Select the appropriate registration fee (early registration).
  • Select the GE or ST group the grant is being requested from (two maximum).

Those people in charge in each GE or ST will assess the applications. The decision on the grants will be notified by email to the interested parties before February 24, 2019. Once they receive that mail, they must access their registration profile in order to complete the registration before March 2, 2019.